Thursday, December 25, 2008


...Daddy grabbed me out of my cot and dragged Mummy out of bed too. But Mummy said she needed coffee first. So Daddy and I made coffee and mince pies.

Then we ran to the lounge and opened my Santa presents. He left some good things. Jelly, maracas, books, socks and chocolate coins. Daddy said those are actually for him. He might give me a tiny taste if I am a very good boy.

When Mummy was more awake we opened the tree presents. Mummy and Daddy spoiled me a little. But Grandma and Gramps spoiled me a LOT!

I got all sorts of very cool things. Mummy and Daddy think the highlights are:
  • Musical instruments but mine have cars on them. From G&G
  • A paddling pool from M&D
  • Wooden car from M&D
  • Books, especially the one about the Pukeko from Sarah and Richard
I think the highlights are the boxes actually. I played with them more than my toys. But I do think I will play with them more now that the rubbish is in the bin.

Mummy and Daddy were spoilt too. I got Daddy a book and some very spicy sauces from Mexico. I got Mummy some yummy smelly things for the bath. Daddy got Mummy a cuddly robe and he got a special book from Mummy.

For lunch we went to Matiu's house and had a really tasty lunch. I even got to taste Beer-Bum Chicken and had steak too. I really liked those tastes and the olives were interesting too. But I didn't eat much as I was trying to keep an eye on Prue, the cat. She was so much more interesting than the food.

I tried really hard to settle down for a nap but it was all so exciting, I couldn't. So we had to do a secret Santa early and we went home early. Daddy was gutted as it meant he didn't get pudding.

We got home and all had a short nap and played with our toys. Mummy got carried away and tried to finish the book Richard and Sarah gave her in one day. She loves it!

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