Thursday, December 18, 2008

Busy, busy, busy!

Well it finally happened, I got too busy to blog! So lets play catch up...

Tuesday -

Mummy and I went Christmas shopping in Lower Hutt, not my favourite activity and I let her know all about it. But I did get Daddy a present and if all goes well I will get the other bits and pieces for him on Thursday. Is it ok to buy him things I like? I hope so...

The only fun part was when we stopped for a coffee and a sandwich. I found a playmate in the coffee shop. He copied me exactly and we kept giving each other kisses... I love mirrors!

The rest of Tuesday was boring as it was raining and Mummy and I had to stay inside. I did make a run for it when we were watching the rain with the ranch slider open... Mummy caught me before I got to the wet grass. She muttered something about "Cold, wet and yucky", when will she learn that I am a boy and to me, those are great words!

Wednesday -

We were going to have a quiet day at home until Mummy got a text from her work friends to say that they were going for a coffee with all the kids. Luckily we were dressed and ready to go out. It was really fun to se everyone and I even managed to get hold of a chip but as it was from the floor, Jenny said I couldn't have it. Mummy let me have a Marie biscuit instead.

After morning tea, we went off to get my Santa photo. It is quite good, not as good as Daddy's photos but I will get someone to scan it so you can all see it too.

It stopped raining yesterday afternoon so we went to the park for a swing and a slide. It was so much fun!

Now, I need to take a moment to brag, I have learnt to do 3 things this week.

  • clap
  • go down a slide by myself
  • feed myself finger food
I love clapping especially when I have finger food in my hands... Scrambled eggs are very fun to clap in. The slide sounds more scary than it is, Mummy only lets me go on the little one so she can reach me at all times, but it is still very cool! I am also trying to learn how to make the swing move without Mummy pushing it, it's still a bit hard. I wiggle back and forth and it moves a bit but not as much as I want. Mummy said my legs need to be a little stronger, I don't think she has ever been on a swing, 'cos you sit on it you don't stand on it! Silly Mummy!

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