Friday, December 5, 2008

Coffee Group

I woke up full of beans, which is kinda strange as all I had for supper was pumpkin, kumara, cauliflower and steak. But anyway I was all chatty and bouncy, so Mummy said we could go to coffee group.

It was fun I had fun playing with everyone and trying to climb the Xmas Tree. I attempted it a few times but was caught each time. The mums are very fast :)

A lady who knows A LOT about babies came to answer any questions our Mums' had. Mummy left feeling a little sad, apparently I am just being difficult and she should leave me to cry for 3 nights and then I will sleep through by myself. I'm not sure what Mummy and Daddy are going to do. I think she is happy knowing that some of her friends are having problems too.

I haven't gone down for a nap since lunchtime so Mummy isn't sure if I am going to be awake when Daddy gets home which is very sad!

Better go get my fish fingers - FINALLY :).

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Christine said...

Hi mate its Connor here. Coffee group was great yesterday. Since seeing you crawl i have been trying very hard today to perfect my technique. i have made it off the carpet and on to the wooden floors which i dont traction!!!!! think mum might be secertly happy about this. i have spent the morning after my 2 hour nap (which i never do) playing outside and being harassed by the dog. Good times. Anyway i better go as i am due for another nap in 30 mins. Catch ya later.