Monday, December 22, 2008

My two words...

I have been reminded by reading my friend Laila's blog to tell you that I have two words... Mummum and Dadda. I use them lots and love watching them come running when I say their name. I also say lots of other words but I can't be pronouncing them correctly as no one seems to understand me. I'll keep practising.

Laila can say "sss dat" and points at things, I can't wait until I can do that. At the moment I sort of grunt and look at things but mostly Mummy tells me the name of the wrong thing. But I guess Laila is older than me so I will get there. She is a clever 10 month old.

Today we went to Petone and went to lots of shops. I was an angel and smiled at everyone. Especially in the cafe where Mummy let me crawl around. I waved at the waitresses and all the people in the cafe. Then I sat beautifully on my blanket and ate a biscuit and drank my water before we went home. It was beautiful at the beach but Mummy wants to share my first trip to the beach with Daddy.

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