Monday, December 15, 2008

Mummy and Daddy's Anniversary

Yesterday I went to see Anna, my osteo, it went really well and I enjoyed the session. I get to go back in the New Year to see her again. I love going there as she has a toy duck that quacks at me and gives me kisses.

All in all it was a boring kind of day as it was raining so we couldn't go out much.

In the afternoon, Mummy tried to get me to have a nap but I was too grizzly and so she gave up. We played games and read stories instead. At suppertime I wasn't that interested in my food. So I got put in the bath, and fed there. I ate loads of my pasta and sauce. And as a bonus got lots over daddy too.

After my bath I was dressed in clothes that are different to my jammies. Mummy and Daddy were wearing smart clothes too. I knew something was up when I saw my kinderkot and bunny going in the car. But I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt when we pulled up at Marnie and Mark's house.

We went inside and Laila squealed at me. I started to cry. Who wouldn't when a girls squeals at you and you are in pixie pants?? Mummy gave me a cuddle and then said "Love you Kian, be good and we will see you later." And Daddy said the same thing.


When it became apparent that they weren't joking I started to cry and crawl around looking for them. Eventually Mark took me for a walk in Laila's buggy and I settled down. I played for a while and finally I heard Mummy's voice. I hurried to the door to see her and started to cry again. You can't let them think you were ok without them! I gave her and Daddy lots of kisses and cuddles.

But my present was even better than my cuddles- I slept from 9:45 to 5am . Mummy couldn't believe it.

I am going to try it again tonight.

Happy anniversary Mummy and Daddy!

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