Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Monday and Tuesday

Mummy and Daddy say I am so hard to look after... But they have no idea how hard it is to keep an eye on them!

I try my best but they just move so fast. I can't wait until I can run.

Monday was a bit boring really, Mummy and I stayed home. Daddy had some jobs to do and needed the car so we played at home. When Daddy got back, I was very happy to see him and had more fun playing chase.

Mummy got the pool filled early in the morning so it would be warm by 4 o'clock. It was lovely and warm like a bath- so warm that Mummy decided to get in with me. She did mutter something about it raining. But it only rained when i was in bed. So I think she was wrong.

Tuesday was an adventure!

I woke up from my nap and we got ready to go out. We drove to the station. ( we usually park there to go to the library.) Then we got into a train. Daddy held me so that I could see out the window. It was so exciting but also mesmerizing. I nearly fell asleep while watching the trees and buildings flash by. We got out at Waterloo, as we needed to go to a shop there.... But they were closed forever. And everything else was shut for the holidays!

After a lot of convincing we managed to get Mummy to agree to walk to the mall. Daddy bribed her with naan bread and tandoori chicken. IT WORKED!!

The mall was busy but we got some lunch and I even got a taste of Daddy's Madras and Mummy's chicken. It was good but not as good as my sandwich and fruit muesli. We went to look at a shop to see if they had the next book Mummy wants to read but they didn't.

I had a play in the baby room and then we walked back to the station. I fell asleep and woke up just in time for the train.

It was such fun! I can't wait to go on the train again.

Later on Mummy went to have a nap and when she woke up Christmas had disappeared from the house! It was my fault... She was very sad, but at least she knows I can climb up and over things now. Daddy watched me climb on top of the shelf that was protecting the tree from me and I picked the baubles off the tree. So he tree had to come down.

Sorry Mummy!

I will post lots of pictures later today!

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